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Fashion industry is always becomes attractive to be noticed. In this decade, we all know that fashion pulls our attention so much, in so many ways.

Growing up in tropical island such beautiful like Bali, BASRI brand present us the finest collections from head to toes for any levels who got a taste of elegance and being classy. 

Our products made in Bali with a high quality goods. We designs each items based what we feel is best. We are very selected with fabrics and materials. In this way, we also pretend about how our Customers wish to have the great pieces on them to be wear.

It is very interesting to follow the new vibes and go forward with it. BASRI open for a wholesale order for you who are looking a journey in the same page. For you who are dying for greater succeed. We support.

To started, please click “APPLY NOW” on button below where you need to fill the form application to be our Wholesaler. Once we received your application, our Sales Account will contact you shortly. You also can directly connect to our Sales Account at +6282146690950 for a quickly feedback and guideline. Terms & Conditions are required.

For you who already became our Wholesaler, please click “SIGN IN” to get access and update of your order status or check new special collections.

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